Interna-Rail® aluminum hand railing systems have in-line fittings that produce an architectural and highly pleasing aesthetic look. The infills can be glass, steel or aluminum in mesh or perforated, resin, and picket style.


VUE™ is a post-mounted glass railing system where the glass is captured at the posts, emphasizing maximum transparency and low cost.


QUAD™ is a rectangular post mounted glass system where the glass panels are captured and held at the posts.


KLEAR™ is a glass railing alternative that minimizes any horizontal elements and keeps the glass attachments at the post.


The VISION™ railing system is designed with “in-line” panel clips that support the panels.


With its external slip-on fittings, this railing design is popular when an “industrial look” is desired. Speed-Rail railing systems are very popular in landscape & exterior applications.

Speed-Rail® Quik Connect™ Kits

Speed-Rail® Quik Connect™ kits fuse the function and strength of Speed-Rail® with pure architectural design and unmatched performance.