The QUAD™ railing system is a rectangular post mounted glass system where the glass panels are captured and held at the posts, rather than being mounted at the top and bottom rails as in other systems. This minimizes the number of horizontal rails in the system to allow for maximum visibility. The rectangular posts provide clean lines throughout the system and can be integrated with a grabrail. The QUAD™ railing system is available in both aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum system provides the ultimate selection in finishes, as the aluminum can have an anodized finish; as well as a powder coated finish.


Projects Incorporating QUAD™ Railings

Duke Realty Headquarters

Structural Glass Railing, Smoke Baffles, KLEAR™, QUAD™
Stainless Steel QUAD™/KLEAR™ Railing Combination with U-Channel Top Cap, Clear Tempered Glass Infill Panels and Grab Rail

Product Data Sheets

  • QUAD™ AL Product Data Sheet QUAD™ AL Product Data Sheet


  • QUAD™ Side Mount Level QUAD™ Side Mount Level
  • QUAD™ Side Mount Sloped QUAD™ Side Mount Sloped
  • QUAD™ Top Mount Level QUAD™ Top Mount Level