Skyzone™ is the international market leader in trampoline parks, with over 130 parks in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Latin American & Europe. In early 2013, Skyzone corporate decided they needed to standardize on a railing system, for both branding and cost purposes. The practice to that time had been to let franchise partners source locally fabricated railing giving each park a different look. The purchasing power of potentially multiple parks per year would be far greater than that of a single park, and Skyzone wanted a more uniform branding strategy.

In early 2013, Skyzone selected Hollaender® Manufacturing as one of 2 authorized suppliers of railing to their parks, with 2 critical criteria:

  • With an aggressive opening schedule, railing had to be delivered within 4 weeks of order. Time constraints did not allow time for the traditional drawing submittal process, so a consequential criteria was the ability to at least partially fabricate custom bays on site.
  • Competitive pricing reflective of large order volumes.

Hollaender developed an 8-Line horizontal rail system that could easily be shipped in pre-fabricated 5 ft. bays, but that could also be custom fit as required on site.

In 2014, Skyzone decided they needed a railing system that used infill panels, mainly for their elevated mezzanine areas.

Mindful of the need to fabricate custom bays on site, Hollaender proposed orange acrylic panels that offered the operational advantage of “visibility” but also could be cut as required on site – unlike metal infill, that had to be pre-fabricated from field measured dimensions.

The result – Hollaender has delivered a mix of 8-line (the lower cost alternative) & acrylic infill panel railing to a total of 40 Skyzone parks all over the U.S. and Canada.

In our 6 months after installation, the acrylic railings have far exceeded our expectations. With tens of thousands of customers, there are almost no noticeable scratches and cleaning is far from a concern. It offers a modern openness instead of an older rigid look. Nice work!

Skyzone Vice President (Lakewood, NJ), Brad Wurtz

Hollaender has performed extremely well for Skyzone, always delivering their railing within the 4 week target period and often faster if required. In addition, they have met our criteria for a low-cost railing system (the 8-line design) as well as a higher end railing for our mezzanines or in areas where visibility has been a design advantage.

Skyzone Corporate VP of Construction, Matt Lambeth

U.S. & Canada
Skyzone™ Corporate
Speed-Rail®, Post and Wall Mounted Handrail, ADA Compliant Handrail
Mill finish frames with acrylic panels and 8-line horizontal rails


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