The Indianapolis, Indiana, based offices of Browning Day and specialty railing contractor, Spohn Associates, collaborated to create an amazing architectural designed space for the First Internet Bank in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The project required over 3,500 linear feet of railing and incorporated a veritable plethora of Hollaender railing designs.  

The feature railing was Hollaender’s VUE™ post-mounted glass system with QUAD™ posts, black anodized finish, and stainless steel assist rail. The rectangular QUAD™ posts and top cap melded perfectly with the chic and minimalist design woven throughout the building.

VUE Glass Railing with QUAD Posts

In addition to the captivating glass design, Hollaender provided 3-Line Interna-Rail® with picket infill in matching black anodized finish as well as button-mounted 13/16” SGP glass with U-channel top cap and glass smoke baffle.

Interna-Rail with Pickets

The buildings design incorporated outlook balcony areas with brick parapet walls, but they required guardrails in order for them to meet IBC guardrail codes. The architect team wanted to provide a safe rooftop environment and maintain the sweeping views, so Hollaender’s Stainless Steel Button Mounts with 13/16” SGP glass and stainless steel U-channel top cap were specified and installed.  

Hollaender’s ability to design and fabricate railing in both stainless steel and aluminum, coupled with the multiple infill options, made Hollaender the perfect choice for this ambitious project.



Fishers, Indiana
Browning Day
Interna-Rail®, VUE™, QUAD™, Button Glass Railing, ADA Compliant Handrail, Post and Wall Mounted Handrail, Smoke Baffles
Picket, Glass

When discussing Hollaender’s ability to provide all the railing designs required for the project, Eric Spohn, President of Spohn Associates said, “The design team's decorative guardrail vision required several different materials, configurations, finishes and infills. Hollaender was certainly up to the task. Their team provided monumental grade quality and performance to a challenging project for FIB and the construction team.”


  • ADA Drawing ADA Drawing
  • Button Glass Railing Level Button Glass Railing Level
  • Interna-Rail® Picket Handrail, Level Interna-Rail® Picket Handrail, Level
  • Interna-Rail® with Pickets BIM Interna-Rail® with Pickets BIM
  • QUAD™ Top Mount Level QUAD™ Top Mount Level
  • Smoke Baffle Smoke Baffle